Arduino 7 segment 4 digit clock with led ring and DS3231 RTC

I made this Arduino 7 segment 4 digit clock with led ring and DS3231 RTC which I originally bought for Raspberry Pi but never used it in it.

If I ever manage to document the build I will publish the schematic and code in here.

Parts used:

  • Casing made by my son at school last year
  • Piece of Silver 15% Solar Reflective Window Film One Way Mirror Privacy Tint (ebay 2,50€)
  • Arduino nano (ebay ~2,50€)
  • 0.56 inch 4 digit Red led display 7 segment Common cathode (ebay ~1€)
  • RGB LED Ring 24 Bit WS2812B 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Driver (ebay ~5€)
  • DS3231 Precision Storage Clock RTC Module Memory Module for Arduino Raspberry Pi (ebay ~1,5€) – Arduino, Raspberry Pi, DIY robots and more – Arduino, Raspberry Pi, DIY robots and more – Build projects with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, build robots and simple DIY electronics circuits. Watch, Learn, Build!

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Application you can’t live without if you listen Spotify on Windows.

Toastify adds some missing functionallity to the Spotify client(Windows only). It shows a popup, toast style, dialog on track change and it allows you to use global hot keys for Play/Pause, Next, Previous etc.

Source: Toastify – Home (Outdated)

Source: Toastify – Home  Latest working releases

Arduino Based Camera

Arduino Based Camera

ArduCAM is a open source camera develop platform which is based on very popular Arduino boards. It will support most of the camera modules with sensors from Omnivisionand Aptina which is range from 0.3MegaPixel to 13MegaPixel. And we are planning to move on our platfrom to more powerful MCU based boards like MapleChipkit, RaspberryPi. It will make ease for everyone to use camera module and spark their ideas on image/video applications.

Source: Arduino Based Camera

Build a Dash Cam with a Raspberry Pi, Two Cameras, and GPS

Dash cams are a cool, easy way to record everything you see out your windshield, but they vary wildly in price and quality. If you want to really customize your own, you can make one with a Raspberry Pi.

Lähde: Build a Dash Cam with a Raspberry Pi, Two Cameras, and GPS

Lähde: A Raspberry Pi dashcam with two cameras and a GPS

Android image show from DropBox

I needed a system that show images from dropbox automatically.

I have used this time:

After testing look like this combination doesn’t work. Photo Slides go haywire when images are changed on Dropbox folder. Another app is needed on device.

Perhaps Cloud PhotoFrame EX.Net will do the trick. I am hopefull.

Old android to some use

Some apps that might help to make those old Android devices usable again.

Clean Master to clean the device

Convert Your Old Android Tablet into Beautiful Weather Station or Convert Your Old Android Tablet to High End Digital Photo Frame:

AppCrawlr might melp to find apps for Android

And Kiosk Browser Lockdown to prevent eny other use.