About TJuTZu Junk Yard

TJuTZu Junk Yard on harrastus.

Sivustoa on ylläpidetty omaksi iloksi.

TJuTZu Junk Yard is a hobby.

It have been maintained just for fun.

First version of these pages was created with mambo and updated later to Joomla. After getting bored to update CMS over and over again from scratch (especially the updates between 1.x to 2.x and finally to 3.x were time consuming) I decided to switch to WordPress and see if it can be maintained  bit easily. Migration from Joomla to WP was surprising quite easy.

If I find WordPress too time consuming I will probably just shut down the pages and spend my time with something else.

Iraspberrypi try to spend as much time as possible to play with Raspberry Pi’s and Arduino these days and it can be seen on the content I am putting on these pages.

If you would like to contact me use the form below.

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