Aihearkisto: GPS

Google Earth

Google Earth seem to have new version available.

It is now possible to  to explore the seas.



Google Earth Hacks provides links to interesting content found or created by users like you and gives you quick access to check things out in Google Earth. 

Geokätkentä / GeoCaching

More information on GeoCaching can be found from

The idea of GeoCaching is to visit the place described in GeoCaching pages. There is the location coordinates and usually some description available that lead to right spot.

This is actually a game played globally by using GPS devices. 

Maps – Karttoja

Törmäsin muutamaan mukavaan karttapalveluun

map24 : Tämän kanssa on kiva leikkiä

multimap : Tiedä vaikka pelaisi joskus maemo-mapperin kanssa.

I ran into couple nice map services on net 

map24 : It is noce to play with this

multimap : Perhaps this could be used with maemo-mapper some day.