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Bunch of Minecraft links added on links

Minecraft Crafting – The goal of Minecraft Crafting is to provide a complete and updated list of all of the crafting recipes in Minecraft. This includes everything from simple tools and weapons to crafting complex mechanisms and transporation devices. Whether you’re a be

CraftHub The most interesting Minecraft blog in existence. It covers every aspect of the Minecraft universe and has a very active community.

Planet MinecraftUpload, Update and Upvote user submitted skins, textures, mods and projects. One of the best Minecraft Communities out there.

Minecraft TexturesMinecraft Textures is a community based website listing the most popular and rated texture packs available.

Minecraft Seeds – Find a selection of interesting seeds to use when generating Minecraft worlds.

Minetown – Great community of Minecraft players and an awesome server to play on.

World of MinecraftMinecraft at its finest.

MinecrafterYour one stop shop for everything Minecraft. They have an extensive database, blog and even Minecraft server.

Minecraft-Skins.com offers the best player skins available online.

Wiki Minecraft – An informative wiki-styled Minecraft blog.

Minecraft Gallery – Sharing the countless creative and innovative Minecraft creations, skins and artwork.

Minecraft SkinShareFind and share Minecraft skins.