Maemo Mapper


Maemo Mapper is a tool for navigation with Nokia 770.


Maemo Mapper is a mapping application like GPSDrive but built from the ground up for the Hildon UI and optimized for the Nokia 770. It works with any NMEA-compliant GPS Receiver that emits the RMC sentence of the NMEA protocol.

Major features include:

  • Designed and optimized for the Nokia 770.
  • Various methods of automatic map downloading.
  • Support for the GPS Exchange (GPX) file format.
  • Driving Directions generation, including on-the-fly re-generation if you stray from the route.
  • Announcement of upcoming waypoints (including voice synthesis via flite).
  • Freely released under the GPL.

Some additional info 

For that original Google Maps look:
URI seem to been changed since I saved these news 

For an alternate Google Maps look, with added road and building detail, more road names, and wider-looking roads:


For satellite version

Map URI prefix:

The software maemo-mapper_0.1mg1_arm.deb (IT forums)

And more

Street & topo maemo-mapper_0.1_fix2_arm.deb (IT forums)

Topo URI