Faster Application Manager

Testing Faster Application Manager


I noticed today that there is available "Faster Application Manager " in Maemo5 downloads.

This could be a useful application since standard application manager is quite slow.

The first test look promising.The application feels bit faster than standard application manager but it could be an illusion.

Updating the repositories still takes time but this application do show progress gauge so you know what is going on. Time will show if this application is useful or not.


Extra Decoders Support

Extra Decoders Support


Support for additional video and audio decoders in the Media Player

Uses GStreamer decoders and tracker mimetype registering tool * AC-3 audio in video files support * Vorbis OGG and FLAC support (via ogg-support) * Musepack support * Flash video support * RealMedia formats support * Matroska container support (most video formats used for Matroska unsupported!) * MPEG2 Transport Stream support

Video resolution over 848×480 pixels is still unsupported!

Maemo SDK


Maemo SDK Virtual Imagem project provides a programming environment for maemo platform. This project is an important contribution since it offers the developer a complete maemo programming environment with no need to spend time to download and configure correctly all tools.