half-Life sarjakuva

Sarjakuva Half-Life 2:n maailmassa ja Half-Life moottorilla tehtynä.

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This comic strip is based on the ground-breaking PC game Half-Life 2, by Valve software, and is created with the brilliant Garry’s Mod tool, which allows users to enter the game and basically play God by spawning and manipulating physical objects, posing character models, creating special effects, and taking pictures.

Those who have never played Half-Life 2 will be in the dark on a lot of the goings-on in the comic strip, as much of the dialogue and situations are pulled directly from the game or are based on the game’s plot, history, and background. For those who someday plan to play Half-Life 2, read this comic with caution as there will be major spoilers.

Concerned is the story of Gordon Frohman, former Black Mesa entry-level employee, survivor of the Portal Storms and the Seven Hour War, and now earnest and hard-working citizen of City 17. Frohman is a simple guy trying to earn an honest buck in a post-apocalyptic world ruled mercilessly by hordes of heavily armed alien hybrid soldiers (called Combine) bent on draining the Earth of its last natural resource and exterminating the human race. He also enjoys playing backgammon.

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