Raspberry Pi motion detection IR Camera with IR lights


Raspberry Pi camera module with PIR motion detector with external IR Lights

  • HW version 2.0
  • SW version 1.7.1

Camera shoot video as long movement is detected and take image every 10 minutes.

Application takes care that old recordings are removed and there is always enough disk space available. The amount of free disk space can be set on application settings.

This work is still in progress. Next I am planning to add possibility to store recordings on external server and change the schematic so that single 12V power is used instead of 5V and 12V  which are used in this configuration.


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi noir camera
  • HC-SR501 Adjust Pyroelectric Infrared IR PIR Motion Sensor Detector
  • 48 LED illuminator IR Infrared Night Vision
  • Switch
    • DB681 darlington transistor
    • 2,2 kΩ resistor
    • 1000 µF capacitor

The total cost of camera is around 70€

The related code is published at GitHub



The idea in this configuration is that when motion is detected python application gets information of it and it will turn the illuminator on and start recording. Recording continue until movement is no longer detected.

The whole system is packed into standard casing since I don’t have 3D printer to create custom case.

RaspCam08 RaspCam07

I used TIP 120 based configurations as a base of my build. Since TIP 120 was not available locally I used DB681 darlington transistor instead. The 1000 µF capacitor was added to remove flicker. Without capacitor it light was flickering when standard 12v power source was used.


The switch was build on separate board and connected to Raspberry Pi and insulated from Pi by using bike tire inner tube. On my original build switch was located on separate case.

RaspCam01 RaspCam02 RaspCam03 RaspCam05 RaspCam06

In this configuration PIR is connected on 5v, GND and GPIO4. Switch uses GPIO 24.